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Published: 23-Apr-12
Best Debt Consolidatio-Not Your Grandparents Times
These aren't your grandparents financial times. Our grandparents were raised in a time when debt was pretty much unthinkable. They were ashamed to have debt and worse, they were ashamed if they couldn't pay their bills on time. There is nothing wrong with that, but times have changed and debt, to some degree, is pretty much a way of life today. If you find yourself in over your head and you need to find the best debt consolidation service you can, this may help.

Sometimes things just get out of control. Sometimes it's our own fault, sometimes it's not our fault at all, but most of the time it's a combination of both.

At this point it doesn't really matter a whole lot how you got here (though making sure you understand what brought you to this point may help you avoid a similar situation in the future) it's more about finding the best debt consolidation service so you can get out from under the mountain of debt that is suffocating you.

These companies can often help in a few ways. For one thing, they will often be able to renegotiate your interest rates which may make it easier to make your payments, and not just the minimum payment either but the full payment.

They can also pay off all your debt and make it possible for you to pay them back with just one monthly payment. That can save you a lot of time, effort and hassle.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are trying to find a quality service to work with;

1. Don't limit your search. Be willing to spend some time finding the best company. Look both online and off. Try to find several companies so you can compare the various services and fees.

Being able to compare features will make it easier for you to pick the best company for you and your needs. There may be a slight advantage to finding a local company. At least that way you can go in and talk with them one on one.

But if the local companies simply have higher fees or don't offer the same services as an online company, you have to be willing to handle this all online.

2. Beware of scams. There are always people who are very willing to prey on other desperate people.

You can protect yourself by watching for these warning signs: make sure that when you call you can actually speak to someone, make sure the company has an actual physical address and not just a P.O. box, check the yellow pages online to see if the company has a listing, be wary of any company who wants you to pay a lot of money upfront before they've even had a chance to look over your information.

These things can be signs of trouble. Be very careful.

3. Once you've narrowed down your choices, go online to the Better Business Bureau and check them out. See if there have been any complaints filed against them. If you are dealing with a company in your area check with the Chamber of Commerce and find out if they are a member in good standing in addition to checking with the BBB.

All of this will help you find the best debt consolidation service for you.

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